Tiny Audio C-Mini

  • C-mini DAB + adapter - pocket radio and for car use


    The C-mini can easily be used as a travel DAB radio, easy to carry in your pocket.


    It can also be connected to the car with a DAB + active antenna (must be purchased separately), so you can use it both on a trip and as a simple solution in the car.


    Comes with adapters for use in a car while the earplugs / headset you use serves as an antenna to get dab stations.


    C-mini has Service Following

    • DAB + frequency range: (Band III) 174 - 240Mhz
    • Storage memory for 60 DAB + channels
    • Storage memory for 10FM channels
    • 3.5mm line input
    • Battery life: 7 hours with DAB +, 15 hours with Line in
    • Dimensions: 48 x 35 x 15mm